Youth Program

Youth marksmen at the range

Each year our Youth Marksmanship Program teaches firearms safety and rifle marksmanship to young men and women aged 10-17. Our instructors work with participants ranging from first-time shooters to advanced shooters working on 3-position shooting and advanced certification.

The program runs one night per week from roughly May until just before Labor Day. Over the past few years this program has run on Monday evenings from 6:00pm until dusk. We welcome members and non-members to participate. The club provides everything needed – the rifles, ammunitions, targets, etc.

Watch this space and our social media pages for the announcement of our 2024 program!

Though it may not be checked very often, if at all, in the off-season you can drop an email to the program mailbox and we’ll see it when the program opens back up, or reach us through our Facebook page or the contact form on our Board of Directors page with any questions if you’d like a faster answer.