Youth Program

Youth marksmen at the range

We’re very excited to announce the return of our Youth Marksmanship program for 2022! Open to anyone 10-17 years old (club members or not), the Youth Program will meet on Monday evenings from 6:00pm to sunset, starting 5/16/2022.

Participants will learn firearm safety and receive instruction and coaching on rifle marksmanship. All .22-caliber rifles and the instruction are provided by the club at no cost and, thanks to a very generous grant of ammunition and targets from the NRA Foundation, Friends of the NRA, and the MA State Fund Committee, we are able to ensure ammunition availability for the program and to maintain our very-longstanding tradition of charging just a $5/week range fee to offset program costs. Eye protection, hearing protection, and water are provided.

Advance registration is not required, this is a drop-in program. If your young person participates regularly they’ll be able to track their progress and work towards Marksman or even Distinguished Marksman qualification. We encourage you to try to make the first meeting for the overall orientation. For more information, please contact the program at