Pistol League

Man shooting a pistol with one hand

The club is fielding a Precision Pistol (formerly Bullseye) team to compete in the South Shore Rifle & Pistol League. Events typically run on Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30pm, with setup beginning at 6:30. Shooting is done on the 50-yard range in the summer and on the indoor range in the fall and winter.

Shooters use 22LR pistols to compete in a mix of slow-fire, timed-fire, and rapid-fire courses at a distance of 50′. The top five scores are used to calculate the team score, which makes it very friendly to new shooters. You can only help the team score, being a beginner or having a bad day is unlikely to hurt the team score.

The pistol league decides at the beginning of the new season if matches will be run as a postal league or as a travelling league. In a postal format our team shoots all matches are shot at our range, while in a travelling league format the team will travel to other clubs each week to shoot on their ranges.

Hope to see you there! Please contact Dan Noreck with any questions.