Pistol League

Man shooting a pistol with one hand

The club is fielding a Precision Pistol (formerly Bullseye) team to compete in the South Shore Rifle & Pistol League. Events run from 7:00-8:30pm on the 50-yard range on Thursday nights. Setup starts at 6:30pm.

Shooters use 22LR pistols to compete in a mix of slow-fire, timed-fire, and rapid-fire courses at a distance of 50′. The top five scores are used to calculate the team score, which makes it very friendly to new shooters. You can only help the team score, being a beginner or having a bad day is unlikely to hurt the team score.

The December-to-May season was shot as a postal league, with all Mansfield participants shooting at our own range and scores mailed into the league. The pistol league will decide at the beginning of the new season if they are going to return to a traveling, home-and-away format or stick with the postal format for another season.

There is a $5/week donation to the club to shoot.

Hope to see you there! Please contact Dan Noreck with any questions.