Dues and Fees

Membership Rates 

We break out annual charges into a “maintenance fee” that covers the normal operating expenses of the club (utilities, insurance, trash removal, etc) and a “dues” amount to cover planned projects and events.

Regular and Regular Life members pay the “dues” fee annually;  we do not charge spouse or junior members this fee. Life members pay only the maintenance fee, as we use that money for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the club. Like probably every other club, we assess a one-time charge to new Regular members when they initially join.  

Because we prorate membership costs as the year goes on and other discounts or fees may apply, you should check with Purser before writing a check. He collects payment at your orientation and can tell you in advance what your specific cost will be.

Numbers shown below are current when this page was published.  We may change fees and assessments as club finances require, upon a vote of the membership.   Use the numbers below as a guideline. Depending on a number of circumstances, we may prorate the dues if you join mid-year.  If you had a membership that expired you may need to pay a late fee, pay a new New Member Assessment, or go through the joining process from scratch.

Tell the Purser if you have recently taken a class at the club; prospective new members who have recently taken a class at the club may qualify for a discount.

Fees and costs of membership for 2024:

Regular Member75.00100.00175.00
Life Member0.00100.00100.00
Life Spouse0.000.000.00

Dues and Maintenance Fees

Lost ID Replacement5.00
Lost fob replacement10.00