To Apply

COVID-19 notice:

With the lifting of Covid restrictions, prospective members must appear in person to apply for membership

Instructions for joining Mansfield Fish & Game

1. You must be a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the MA Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).  We recommend you join both organizations, click here to learn why. If you click any NRA link on our site, you can get a discount on your NRA membership.

2. Each applicant must complete a membership application (below). We use “Spouse” and “Youth” to calculate billing, but we do require a completed application form for each person.

3. Each applicant must sign a liability waiver (below).

4. If you have a sponsor, you will bring your completed application, liability waiver, and proof of NRA and/or GOAL membership to a members meeting. You are welcome to email it to the Purser before the meeting.  First, we ask if you have read, understand, and agree to the club policies and rules. Before attending the meeting, you should read at least the Range Rules, Standing Rules, and Indoor Range Rules. Next, we’ll typically ask each new applicant why they’re interested in joining Mansfield Fish & Game (location? recommendation from someone? great people? like the t-shirts?). Finally, if it’s not clear from the conversation, we may ask if you have experience with firearms.  (“Have you ever shot a gun before?”)  We have a number of resources available for new shooters and that question helps us identify if you might want to know about them. 

5. If you do not have a sponsor, bring all that paperwork to a Board of Directors meeting first. (You can email it to the Purser before the meeting).  The Directors will meet you and ask you the questions in the “if you have a sponsor” section.  You then attend the next members meeting (typically the following week), where the Directors sponsor your membership.  We will ask you the same questions again in the presence of the membership. 

6. You must attend an orientation session before you may use any of the facilities. We offer these at various times, usually on a weekend morning but special arrangements may be made.  Your 90-day probationary period begins after you complete the orientation.  Note that probationary members may not bring guests during their probationary period – this includes your children.  If you would like to bring a son or daughter to shoot during your probationary period, they should join as a junior member at the same time (and meetings) that you do. We collect payment for your membership at your orientation.


  • Click here to download a printable application form
  • Click here to download an editable PDF application form 
  • Click here to download a liability waiver

Payment & Fees

Payment may be made by check, cash or money order (do not mail cash!).  We accept credit cards in-person only, contact the Purser or Treasurer to make arrangements if you can’t attend a meeting.

Membership year dues and fees can be found on the Dues and Fees page