Please note: If you received a postcard directing you to this page it is because we don’t have a valid email address on file for you. You can send the Purser an email giving him your correct email address and we’ll update our records.

To renew your membership in the Mansfield Fish & Game club, please do the following:

  • Be sure your membership for 2022 was current. You’ll know this by looking at the year on your badge.
  • Submit your renewal before the October board meeting on October 25, 2022 to retain membership privileges.
  • Mail or drop off your renewal package to the purser. Your package must include the following:
    • Your GOAL or NRA membership information with an expiration date later than 11/1/2022
    • A current email address and telephone number
    • A self-addressed return envelope for us to send your membership badge to you
    • Payment for your renewal
  • Check your mail for your new membership card. If it doesn’t arrive in 14-21 days, contact the purser

Our membership has reached the By-Law cap of 1000 members and a timely renewal is critical to retaining membership privileges at the club.

Our 2023 membership year will start on September 7, 2022 and ends on September 6, 2023. As per our bylaws, you must maintain either a GOAL membership or NRA membership.

You may mail your renewal to the club at:

Mansfield Fish & Game
PO Box 261
Mansfield, MA 02048

or you may drop off your renewal at the clubhouse in the box in the kitchen labeled for renewals. If you are dropping your renewal off, please seal your envelope and put your full name and your member number on the outside. Additional envelopes are available next to the drop box. If you are coming to a club meeting to drop off your renewal, please have everything in an envelope with your last name and member number on the outside.

In person payments can be made by credit card. If you would like to charge your renewal, please make sure to allow for extra time either before or after a meeting. Other times may be arranged by contacting the purser.

Please don’t forget the return envelope with postage.

Any member who has not renewed before the October 25, 2022 board meeting will have their key fob suspended and their slot opened to the wait list of new members. If the list has closed before you attempt a renewal, you will be added to the end of the wait list.

Contact the purser for late renewal instructions.

Fees and costs of membership for 2023:

Regular Member75.0050.00125.00
Life Member0.0050.0050.00
Life Spouse0.000.000.00
Dues and Maintenance Fees
ID Replacement5.00
Fob replacement10.00
Late renewal (must contact Purser first)25.00
Additional Fees

You are invited to download and print this Quick Renewal form and send it in with your payment. This will help make sure your payment gets properly credited and that you account for all fees for all memberships. Complete one page for each member – regular, spouse, and each junior member.