Cowboy Action

Five armed cowboys in period garb in front of the stockade entrance

The Mansfield Marauders Cowboy Action Shooting events are similar to Civil War re-enactments but with a Cowboy theme and live ammo.  In a Cowboy match you shoot steel targets using two single-action “six guns”, a lever-action rifle & a “scattergun” shotgun.  All firearms are period-correct – pre-1900.

The Mansfield Marauders cowboy action shooting events are governed by SASS Rules (Single Action Shooting Society) and period dress is requested.

Organizers: Cowboys Boss Drover ( & Leadslinger Lesky. Contact Lesky ( for more information.

New to Cowboy Action Shooting? Contact Leadslinger Lesky to find out more about the sport.  

The Marauders’ 2021 season has wrapped up but the 2022 schedule is already set!

  • April 9 4-stage CAS shoot
  • May 14 6-stage CAS shoot
  • Sept 10 6-stage CAS shoot
  • Oct 29 4-stage CAS shoot (5th Saturday)
  • Nov 12 6-stage CAS shoot

Event photos and videos

The photos and videos in the following sections are from past events. By default they will try to play as a slideshow (or you might have to click the “Play” icon”). It takes several seconds before it starts automatically scrolling through the pictures but you can advance or back up through the pictures with the < and > icons that appear when you hover the mouse over the right or left edge of the picture.

These photos are from our May 2022 event, and there’s a video of the shooters going through stage 2 of 6 on YouTube.

These amazing photos were taken in October 2021 by Derek at DHouse Photography. Click through that link to see his work on Facebook!

This set is from the May 10, 2021 Mansfield Marauders event. You can view or download individual pictures from Google Photos.

We also got a ton of videos (44 of them!) from this event, you can see them in our YouTube playlist:

These photos are from the April 10, 2021 season kickoff. You can view or download individual pictures from Google Photos.

Pictures and videos from previous events:

DatePicture linkVideo link
2020-11-14Click heren/a
2020-10-10Click hereClick here
2020-06-13Click heren/a
2019-11-09Click hereClick here
2019-10-05Click hereClick here
2019-05-11 Click hereClick here
2018-10-13Click hereClick here
2018-06-13Click heren/a
2018-04-14Click heren/a
2017-11-11Click hereClick here
2017-10-10n/aClick here