Indoor Range

On November 22, 2020 we celebrated the ribbon cutting ceremony for the indoor range!  We’re so grateful to our Life & longtime members who stuck with the club and to the members who have joined through the years in the hopes of seeing the project through to completion. We are grateful for the extra financial support of the member bond holders, whose contributions were critical to the project financing.  Many thanks and congratulations to the Finance Committee, who found the financing to make the project possible, and to the Indoor Range Committee who managed the construction process!

The range features world-class air handling and ventilation, range control, lighting, and monitoring & security systems.  It has 10 lanes with a full 50′ shooting distance into a compressed rubberized backstop and electric, overhead target retrievers.

These pictures are from our ribbon cutting ceremony. The slideshow takes a few seconds to load. You can manually advance forward or back by hovering your mouse pointer over the left or right edge of the photo.

We also captured these slo-mo videos while testing the smoke detectors in the air handling system.  You can see how effectively the air handling removes the smoke and particles away from the shooters! 

Our Partners in Success

Many thanks to our fantastic partners who made us successful!
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North Easton Savings Bank is our financial partner in the construction of the indoor range

North Easton Savings Bank worked with the club to create an innovative financial package that allowed us to fund the range construction within terms and timeframes acceptable to our membership-based organization