Action Shooting

Man moving through a dynamic course with a pistol, followed by the timer/RSO

From roughly May to September, the Action Shooting group practices tactical shooting skills in an environment that stresses safe handling and operation of a handgun, and is low pressure so all participants have some fun while learning valuable skills. We require strict adherence to all the safety rules common to IDPA, USPSA & ASI.

Equipment: Bring what you want to shoot! You will need:

  • a solid holster (strong side OWB) that is a proper fit for the gun you bring (kydex recommended),
  • a solid belt,
  • belt mounted mag/speedloader carriers for 3 mags/speedloaders,
  • proper eye and ear protection (think about using an amplified headset that will allow you to hear range commands),
  • enough ammo for the gun you bring
  • a safe and positive attitude!

Contact our program leader Al to to learn more. Clicking that link will open the default mail program on your computer, it sometimes opens in minimized mode so check for a hidden or minimized window. If you can’t find one, you can send us an email at

Four members of the Action Shooting Group took part in an IDPA event at Harvard Sportsmen’s Club in October 2022 – check out this video to see the challenges they faced!

Members of the Action Shooting Group took part in an Aiming for Zero match in October 2021, an event that raises awareness and funds to prevent veteran suicide. You can check out some of the action in this video:

Members also took part in the 2021 Fall Walls of Steel challenge – check out this video of some of the action!

Check out our YouTube playlist below to see the kind of things we do in our weekly events and to see some actual competitions in which our members have taken part!