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2nd Amendment Organizations

We require members of Mansfield Fish & Game to be members of either the National Rifle Association (NRA) or Gun Owners Action League but encourage you to join both.

The NRA defends your 2nd Amendment rights at a national level- without them it is unlikely you could exercise your 2nd Amendment right today. 

GOAL (http://www.goal.org) fights to protect your 2nd Amendment rights in Massachusetts, working with the legislature, providing training, education, marksmanship competitions and hunter safety.

Commonwealth Second Amendment, (Comm2A)  (http://www.comm2a.org) is another worthy Massachusetts non-profit that defends your 2A rights.   We encourage you to consider them in your charitable giving.

There are many other non-profit organizations to which you may find a personal connection, such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation (www.nssf.org) or the Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org).  Start with the NRA, GOAL and Comm2A and then find organizations that align with your interests or style.