2nd Amendment Organizations

The club bylaws require that members of Mansfield Fish & Game are members of either the National Rifle Association (NRA) or Gun Owners Action League but we encourage you to join both.

The NRA defends your 2nd Amendment rights at a national level- without them it is unlikely you could exercise your 2nd Amendment right today.  As an NRA-affiliated club, you can purchase NRA memberships at a discount through our website. 

GOAL ( lobbies to protect your 2nd Amendment rights in Massachusetts, working with the legislature, providing training, education, marksmanship competitions and hunter safety.

Commonwealth Second Amendment, (Comm2A)  ( is another worthy Massachusetts non-profit that defends your 2A rights in court.   We encourage you to consider them in your charitable giving.

There are many other organizations to which you may find a personal connection, such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation ( or the Second Amendment Foundation (  Start with the NRA, GOAL and Comm2A and then find organizations that align with your interests or style.