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    Cowboy Action Shoots are similar to Civil War re-enactments but with a Cowboy theme and you participate using live ammo. In a Cowboy match you shoot steel targets using two single action “six-guns”, a lever action rifle & a “scattergun”. All period correct (Pre-1900) firearms. Click here to see a sample video.

    We are governed by SASS Rules (Single Action Shooting Society) and period dress is requested.

    Organizers: Cowboys Boss Drover (asp99@comcast.net) & Leadslinger Lesky. Contact Lesky (lesky174@gmail.com) for more information.

    New to Cowboy Action Shooting? Contact Leadslinger Lesky to find out more about the sport.  

    Scroll down for our schedule and event pictures.   Our monthly matches will be on the second Saturday each month, except July & August:

    Registration starts at 9:00, required safety briefing at 9:45, lead flies at 10:00.

      • April 8 (4 stages)
      • May 13 (4 stages)
      • June 10 (6 stages)
      • Sept 9 (6 stages)
      • Oct 14 (6 stages)
      • Nov 11 (4 stages)

      Pictures from Sept 9, 2017

      Mansfield Mauraders

      Pictures from April 8, 2017

      2017 Kickoff
      Click a picture to enlarge