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Mansfield Fish & Game is currently accepting new members 

How to renew:

See the emails from the club Purser for detailed instructions, but the short version is:

1. Calculate your renewal amount (see below) or contact the Purser for help (

2. Make a copy of your GOAL or NRA member card, or print out your membership status from their websites.

3. Mail your payment and proof of GOAL or NRA membership to the club with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or put your renewal paperwork (in an envelope) in the box in the clubhouse kitchen labelled "Renewals"

How to join: 

1. You must be a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).  Click here to learn why we recommend joining both.  

2. You must complete a membership application.

3. You must sign a liability waiver

4. If you have a sponsor, you will bring your completed application, liability waiver, proof of NRA and/or GOAL membership, and payment to a members meeting. You will be asked if you have read, understand and agree to the club policies and rules, so read those before the meeting. See the front page of this website or the club calendar for meeting dates.

5. If you do not have a sponsor, bring all that paperwork to a Directors meeting. The Directors will meet you, ask if you have read, understand and agree to the club rules. You will be asked to attend the next members meeting (typically the following week), at which the Directors will act as your sponsor. If your membership is accepted, your probationary period will start immediately. 

6. You must attend an orientation session. These are offered at various times, usually on Sunday mornings but special arrangements may be made.  The orientation session is required before you may use any of the facilities.  Your 90-day probationary period begins after you complete the orientation. 

     Click here to learn about and join GOAL

     Click here to join or to renew your NRA membership with a Mansfield Fish & Game discount!.  

     Click here to find out how to obtain proof of your NRA membership online 


Payment & Fees

Payment may be made by check, cash or money order

Annual Membership fees 

Regular membership: $100.00

Spouse membership: $ 20.00

Junior membership (under 18) $ 10.00

2018 Membership Year Assessment:  $40.00 for all Regular and Life-Regular members 

Other fees:

New Regular memberships also incur a one-time, $100.00 building assessment fee 

Key fob - there is a $5 deposit for each members electronic key fob

If you have taken a class at Mansfield Fish & Game in the last 90 days you may be eligible for a discount on a new membership, so mention it to the Purser when joining.

Senior members (65 years or older) who have 5 or more years of consecutive membership, in good standing, are currently exempt from paying dues (but Life Regular members do get assessed the maintenance fee).   New members are subject to a 90 day probationary period before they can bring guests.  Club photo ID will be issued and must be displayed while on club property.

Please see or email the Purser to confirm your sign-up or renewal amount.  Members have been sent an email that includes examples of typical renewal amounts.

Applicants must have, and continue to maintain, valid membership in either the National Rifle Association of America or Gun Owners Action League to be considered members of the Mansfield Fish and Game Protective Association. The club membership year goes from September to September. New members that join during the year pay only a prorated amount of the annual dues. New members that took a firearms safety class from a Mansfield Fish & Game instructor can receive a $25.00 discount on their first year's membership dues.

Contact any board member if you have any questions.